Issues & Concerns

The time for empathetic and courageous leadership is now. Linsey Fagan's platform on the critical issues facing our country follows, which were developed from indepth, numerous, and ongoing conversations with the residents of Texas Congressional District 26. For too long, our DC Representatives have dictated what we ought to think and believe. No longer. Linsey listens, considers, then acts. Please reach out to the campaign if you want to discuss these, or any other issues. We welcome all insights, perspectives, and thoughts!



Excess money in politics causes most of the dysfunction and disharmony in Washington. Corporate interests, lobbyists, and special interest groups carve out exempt niches that only harm honest hardworking Americans.

To that end, Linsey will:

     1. Refuse corporate PAC or special interest monies
     2. Work to reduce, then remove, corporate money from politics
     3. Promote federal election campaign finance reform
     4. Pass legislation to eliminate corporate personhood

Small Business Support

The heartbeat of any good economy is the health, prosperity, and success of our small businesses. Too often these critical elements of the economy are forgotten: no longer. Our governing priorities should reflect a shop local, buy local mentality that extends beyond a narrow window once a year.

To further help small businesses, Linsey will promote:     1. Thorough reform of small business taxation, in conjunction with small business representatives, to discover the most compelling pathway for all involved
     2. Offer additional incentives to small business owners who support the same communities their customers live in, such as perks for those business who pay their payroll taxes consistently and on time
     3.Review of all regulations affecting small businesses and endeavor to reconcile the regulations from all levels of government to make it easier for small businesses to serve their clients

First Responders

North Texas’s first responders are among the bravest citizens in our community. They earn our respect and trust every day, and as a community, we should come together and support them as they defend and protect us.

Therefore, as your Representative, Linsey will:

     1. Explore solutions to reduce economic inequality and poverty in order to reduce incentives to commit crime
     2. Develop legislation to fund next-generation crime-fighting and crime-prevention technology
     3. Facilitate stronger community relations so neighborhoods see policing as a partnership, with everyone pulling in the same direction



Despite the giant strides taken in improving affordable healthcare access for millions of Americans, the Affordable Care Act still requires several tweaks to make it work as designed - and ultimately, a medicare-for-all system should be the foundation of the American healthcare system: just like every other western developed country.

Linsey achieves these goals by:

      1. Working with like-minded individuals on fixes for the ACA, including funding the rainy-day fund for insurers
      2. Advocating for a medicare-for-all system, funded by increasing the cap on social security and medicare contributions from the current $117,500
      3. Partnering with medical providers, health insurers, and pharmaceutical companies to reduce the cost of care and the cost of premiums/deductibles for all Americans


While education is critical for the mental development of our students and our critical thinking skills, the environment is key to our physical health and well-being. This means returning to our mission of being good stewards of the planet that is our only home.

As your Representative, Linsey will:

     1. Advocate for the phasing out of fracking in North Texas and reinvestment of resources to other energy sector industries in the community
     2. Defend the Environmental Protection Agency and ensure it has the means to protect our environment
     3. Ensure that Texas achieves complete energy independence through the expansion of clean and sustainable sources of energy
     4. Support the investigation and protection of the diminishing American bee population to limit the harm of colony collapse disorder, and ensure a healthy and thriving bee population 



Parents are rightly concerned with the quality of education their children receive. A great education is the foundation for all the success that comes later in a child's life. Therefore, funding priorities should reflect this student-oriented approach.

As your DC representative, Linsey will:

       1. Rely on our educators and administrators to chart the best course for our children
       2. Promote alternatives to post-secondary education, including funding for vocational opportunities and skills-based job placements
       3. Ensure our funding priorities reflect the importance we place on education now, and in the future, including reforming higher education tuition plans and reducing the burden of student loan debt

Second Amendment

The constitutional rights of gun owners should not be abridged, however, for the safety and security of all our families, careful consideration must occur to prevent incidents such as Sandy Hook and Charleston, as well as tragic accidental shootings by children.

Therefore, Linsey will promote the following protections:

     1. Affirm the position that the free exercise of the Second Amendment is integral to many American’s identities
     2. Incentivise palm-print and other sensible gun safety measures to reasonably limit who can use legally obtained weapons
     3. Work towards an integrated federal system to ensure FBI background checks are as quick, accessible, and effective as possible

LGBTQ Issues

Even with the enormous strides that our nation has taken, the everyday rights of citizens are continuously under attack. Even in friendly areas like DFW, the LGBTQ community is consistently marginalized and remains unprotected.

As your congresswoman, Linsey will fight and defend the rights of all citizens, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity, by:

     1. Upholding the decision of the Supreme Court in Obergefell v. Hodges and defending the right of marriage for all citizens
     2. Supporting and fighting for legislation that will end public and private employment discrimination of the LGBTQ community
     3. Explicitly enacting protections that defend the trans community from increased discrimination in education, housing, and public accommodation