The challenges that face us all


Campaign Finance Reform

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Our elections should be determined by public mandate, not the money of special interests.

Since Citizens United, outside spending by wealthy donors has surpassed the spending of candidates.

We’ve lost faith in the idea of representatives beholden to all of their constituents, not just their major donors.

We are no longer confident that our elected officials determine policy by its effects on the people they represent, not the size of their bank account.

The best remedy for corruption is sunlight.

That's why Linsey funds her movement with clean money, and will work tirelessly to protect and strengthen transparency in campaign finance regulation.



Few issues have a greater effect on the budgets and well-being of Americans than healthcare.

We need bold leaders who will treat healthcare as the critical infrastructure that it is, not the linchpin of a partisan political agenda.

With healthcare costs increasing faster than both inflation and wages, we need representatives who will work to lower the cost of receiving healthcare and accessing preventive care, reduce the out-of-pocket costs of care and insurance, and crack down on big pharma and the other predatory industries that get rich off of our pain and illness.

As your Representative in Washington, Linsey will fight to protect our vital programs that care for our young, our elderly, and our disabled. Linsey knows firsthand how crucial access to Medicare, CHIP, WIC, and other programs can be.

She will fight legislation that pulls health insurance out from under Americans, and will support healthcare reform that puts American lives first.



Quality education is the largest investment we can make in our own future, but it is too often undercut and crippled by special interests and partisan politics.

We need legislators who will take bold steps and base our K-12 policy on the needs of teachers and students, not standardized tests and the latest fads in data collection.

We need leaders who will move us forward from an era of punitive and preferential funding models under No Child Left Behind, and other past skewed models.

We need increased accountability and standards in for-profit schools, to guarantee they provide a quality education, and to protect the taxpayer’s investment in the value of  public education.

Linsey understands that the future of our nation and our planet rely on an educated population, and that’s why she will fight to ensure that the right to the highest quality education belongs to every American.

She will work to ensure that Americans are not forced to carry a crushing burden of debt in order to receive a quality college or trade school education.